Solarization and weather of color fastness testing chamber

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Solarization and weather of color fastness testing machine is used in textile, printing and dyeing, automobile interiors, geotex

Product summary:

EI-2007 Solarization and weather of color fastness testing chamber is used in textile, printing and dyeing, automobile interiors, geotextile, leather, plastic and other non-ferrous materials, light-fastness, color fastness and light resistance to weather aging test. By controlling the irradiance of light within the test position, temperature, humidity, rain and so on, provide the experimental simulation of natural conditions necessary to detect the sample lightfastness, weather resistance and color fastness properties of light aging; with light intensity on-line control; light energy automatic monitoring, compensation; temperature, temperature closed-loop control; board temperature loop control more regulatory function. In U.S., European and national standards.

Main Features:
1, instrument performance in line with GB, ISO, AATCC and other standards on the test requirements.
2, light intensity and number of settings, real-time monitoring, automatically adjust to meet the different standards required for testing the stability of light sources.
3, blackboard thermometer (BPT), the standard blackboard Thermometer (BST), the measured optical radiometer data synchronization using radio frequency technology transfer, directly displayed in color on, do not stop observation.
4, the wireless transmission of light energy conversion technologies used to provide energy, not the other home power.
5, large color LCD screen display, a variety of test monitoring mode (animation, digital, graphics), easy operation, visual clarity.
6, each time to achieve all the samples folder, can experiment with different samples on the same plane to facilitate the test monitor, reduce operating costs.
7, rated 2500W long arc xenon lamp technology, simulate daylight spectrum.
8, industrial temperature control (cooling) system, test the temperature regulating rapid stable storage.
9, ultrasonic humidifier, professional  dehumidification system to ensure accurate and stable humidity test.
10, equipped with self-circulation system and air filtration system, a significant reduction of the environmental requirements.
11, a test run of 1,000 hours of continuous quality assurance.

Meet the criteria:
1.GB/T8427-1998 resistant color fastness to artificial light: Xenon arc eqvISO105-B02
2.GB/T8430-1998 artificial weather-resistant color fastness: Xenon arc eqvISO105-B04
3.GB/T14576-93 textile lightfastness, Khan composite color fastness test method
4.AATCC TM16-2003

Applicable industry:

HZ-2007 Solarization and weather of color fastness testing chamber widely used in rubber, plastics, paints, petrochemicals, automobiles, motorcycles, textile products and materials and other industries, but also institutions of higher learning; research laboratories; inspection of arbitration, and technical supervision departments and other industries the basic quality management test equipment.

Technical parameter:


EI-2007 Solarization and weather of color fastness testing chamber

Work pattern

Simulation and strengthen the influence of nature on the measured object, providing light, temperature, humidity, rain and other quantitative indicators



Light source

a. Xenon arc lamp rated power 2.5KW

b. Xenon arc lamp voltage 60V

c. Xenon arc lamp operating current of 20A

d. Set the number of radiation intensity, real-time monitoring and automatic compensation adjustment

Test storage temperature control

25~50 Degree centigrade :Resolution:0.1 Degree centigrade

Test storage humidity control


Test time control





±0.03W/m2/420nm; digital set, automatic compensation

Installed clip

Both sides can clip sample

GB:    135*45mm      10 only

AATCC: 100*75mm      5 only

Sample holder rotation speed

Revolution :5r/min; Rotation of 180°/ transfer

Timing the sample clip


Standard board thermometer

40~80 Degree centigrade ,Resolution:0.1 Degree centigrade


AC220V±10%  50Hz  5.5KW

Outside dimension